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Address from chairman of board
Dear leaders and friends! Welcome to the website for Linqu Huijin Aluminum Co., Ltd.:
Linqu Huijin Aluminum Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. With the development in the past ten years, the enterprise has become a middle-large sized company specializing in manufacturing and selling low-carbon, environmental and energy-saving building aluminum profiles, home furniture decorative aluminum profiles, aluminum and high-end industrial aluminum profiles; the development of Huijin Aluminum so far can not be separated from your concern, support and cooperation, thus I on behalf of Huijin Aluminum express my heartfelt thanks to you!
The website platform of Linqu Huijin Aluminum Co., Ltd. to be built will become a bridge and link for you to understand our company, in which we provide the original appearance of the enterprise, culture and product development trends; to understand us better, we sincerely invite you and your team to our company for field visit and guidance, and we will regard your valuable suggestions as our developmental motivation and direction!
Our company sincerely looks forward to your strategic cooperation to achieve win-win development!
Zhao Xingyu, Chairman of Linyu Huijin Aluminum Co., Ltd.